Teen & Adult Street Dance Training Team/Program


ABOUT Providing new and seasoned dancers an opportunity to level up their skills through Street Dance education, skill building, cultural understanding, finding confidence and 1:1 freestyle & battle coaching, all in a high level, challenging and supportive environment by Moov Ottawa Dance.



WHAT: 5 Month Training Program / Team teaching you the foundations & culture of Hip Hop, House, Waacking & Breaking

WHO: Ages 16+

WHERE: Bronson Centre (211 Bronson Av.)

WHEN: Thursdays February 3rd, 2022 to June 30th, 2022 (830PM - 1030PM)

Level: Beginner friendly. All Levels.

PRICE: 250$ CAD monthly, then 225$ CAD after 3 months. 

Students who are committed, hungry & ready to train!

Thanks for submitting! Get ready to train for 2022!



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North Moovment is Moov Ottawa's high level training team dedicated to Freestyle through Street & Club dance. We are not a dance crew.

q: when does north moovment start?

Season 2's tentative start date will be February 3rd, 2022 to June 30th, 2022, or when Ontario's Covid-19 restrictions are listed

q: i am a beginner. is this fit for me?

If you are committed, hungry to learn, are open minded and ready to challenge yourself beyond "just learning dance moves", YES! We welcome Beginners as we break down the foundation movements and provide the culture contexts, but you have to do the work. We're here to support your learning and give you the tools.

If you are a beginner and have no intention for commitment and are simply looking for "just a dance class", North Moovment is probably not for you.

Q: Who can audition?

Ages 16+ and any level and dance background may put in an application, interview and audition.


Inquire here

q: what if i get injured during nm?

Alea & Arnaldo are very strategic in their teaching to avoid possible injuries along with suggestions for proper shoes, clothing, technique and appropriate flooring. But, ultimately, as per the contract that will be signed, the student is responsible for any injuries that may occur and Moov Ottawa or the venues are not liable. Please be mindful prior to applying!

q: why do i have to audition?

This is not a recreational program, nor does it function as a typical Competitive Studio Team.

Interview: We host interviews to get to know you, why you want to join, give insight on the program's expectations & allow you to ask us any questions

Audition: The audition provides the student to see the intensity of the program, insight on the physical expectations, to see what level the student is at and for us to also see if you fit the direction of the team. Our program is not fit for everyone and we want to ensure who ever joins understands completely the purpose and mindset of the other members. We have a very specific program that requires commitment, an on-going desire to improve and an open mind to constatnly push themselves.

q: what if i don't make the cut?

First, the goal is to welcome everyone, but there are some folks who may not be well suited for the program and it's direction. So, don't be discouraged! This program is not for everyone and is not fitted for all as it is very specific. It simply means we need you to train more, work on your physical, mental and emotional capacity and you are welcomed again to audition in 2022 or 2023.

q: expectations to train with moov

-"Keep up" with training - You do not need to be an athlete but we train like athletes
-If you're ready to train hard and be in a progressive high paced environment

-Adjust quickly to improvements but also understand it takes time to "get good"
-Constructive critisism

-Bi-weekly check-ins

-Individual and collective accountability 

-Mandatory to cypher and/or battle at Ottawa events and in the training session

-Complete the occasional homework in the respective time

-A positive but "tunnel vision", hard working attitude. Poor attitudes will not be accepted

-If you're ready to be pushed, at any dance level, this may be for you


Hip Hop, House, Waacking, and Breaking.

Our weekly structure consists of a warm-up, drilling of technique and foundation moves, musicality training, creative exploration through freestyle, battling, "cypher-ing", floorwork, workouts, conditioning, stretching & more.


Homework is occasional given but are mandatory. We also have the occasional online cultural days that are very important to udnerstanding these dances. Each week is progressive so you must be training outside of our sessions.

Q: I've done "competitive hip hop" in a studio, is this the same?

Absolutely not. Our program is the first of its kind in Ottawa as we strictly focus on the freestyle and culture aspect of Hip Hop, Breaking, Waacking & House. The intensity will be similar (which you will do well in!), and our "version" of competitions are real battles. We only train with mirrors half of the time and the content of the program will be very freestyle focused, not choreography.

q: who is teaching the program?

Alea & Arnaldo, Founders, Artistic Directors and Dancers of Moov Ottawa lead and teach the program. We also have the occasional workshops from guest Instructors specialized in their craft.

q: what is your covid-19 policy?

Read our full Covid-19 Updates here

q: can parents watch their children during the training?

Parents of minors may watch the first 30 minutes of class but nothing else. This does not help the students train in a judge free environment.

q: What if I can only make a few thursday sessions/can't commit?

If you miss more than 3 Thursdays, we remove you from the program.

q: What is the difference between this and regular classes?

There is a similarity to our classes & North Moovment Training, but overall, it is not the same.


Our regular classes are usually slower paced, welcoming very specific levels, have more leniency to everyone's capacity and speed and after the 1 hour, we do not stay in contact. Our regular classes are very encouraging and embodies more of the "having fun" aspect.


North Moovment works you in a fast paced environment where the encouragement is geared towards pushing you to your absolute physical and emotional limits. We welcome beginners and educate you throughout the 5 months and provide you the tools and culture context behind the dances. We are in regular contact to keep your integrated into the Street Dance scene.


North Moovment's push may only be well fitted for those who are ready to take on a challenge and those who can handle a higher expectation for "leveling up".

q: what if i have more questions?

Contact us at alea@moovottawa.com