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Dance Styles

Get to know abit about each dance style, music and it's culture before you hire us, join a class or watch a battle!



Hip Hop was born in New York and it's filled with Hip Hop music, Rap, New Jack Swing and more. Hip Hop Dance contributes to the flyest moves from the 80's, 90's, 2000's newest trend from today! Think grooves, party dances and exploration of these foundation movements! This is not just a dance, it's a Culture!



Breaking, Bboying, Bgirling or Breakin' is the original Hip Hop Dance! The term "Break Dance" was used for the media, but is culturally not accepted as the correct wording, so don't call it Break Dance! Breaking started in the 80's and can be found in your modern day music videos and movies. Some key movements used are top rock, footwork, freezes, and power moves. It's athletic, funky, spectacular to watch and a key element in Hip Hop culture. 



Waacking/Whacking/Punking/Posing comes from the Gay clubs of Los Angeles, which brings you the confidence, fierce and dramatic movements inspired by black & white films, super hero comics & the martial arts. The Black and Latino gay men were the first to do it as a way to express themselves freely. Fast arm movements, rolling of the wrists, posing and "Punking" are some elements used within the Dance and Culture.

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House is a beautiful fusion between Hip Hop, Jazz, Capoeira, Tap, Salsa, and more. Coming from the Club scene in Chicago and New York, these movements have grooves, footwork and floorwork, all coming from a social context. They say "House is a Feeling", so if you're looking for the best cardio and the best feeling of freedom through dance, this is for you. 



Popping is Dance Style dance that consists of contracting/flexing your muscles rhythmically to the music. Watch here

(This is a rarely taught in a class but often seen in many of our shows)

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