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Hip Hop is a dance and culture that was born in the Bronx, New York. Join Zomi for her 6-week Beginner/Intermediate Hip Hop Choreography classes & get your choreo fix! 

What you'll learn? Intermediate Level Hip Hop Choreography. Zomi will challenge you to retain specific choreography and you asked to dance it by the end of class with the group all within an hour! This class is great for someone who has completed our "Beginner Hip Hop Choreo" program or who wants to step up their intensity in the choreo game. You can expect a faster pace, longer choreography, more complicated movements and deeper musicality. Hip Hop or dance experience is mandatory. You will not be taught any foundation movements or have them broken down. This is a choreography class.


Beg/Intermediate Hip Hop Choreography with Zomi

  • Dates: Mondays May 20th to June 24th, 2024
  • Class Type: 6 Week (Adults 18+)
  • Level: Beg to Intermediate Level (1 year of experience recommended)
  • Time: 7-8PM (1 hour)
  • Location: Bronson Centre - 221 Bronson Avenue (Room 221 - 2nd floor)
  • Instructor: Zomi


$157.5 CAD + hst for 6 weeks

Important info:

  • No refunds after purchase
  • Covid 19, Refund, Code of Conduct and Injury policy in full effect
  • No drop-ins
  • If you miss a day, we do offer 1 "make-up day" where you can attend 1 "replacement class" within your 6 weeks. No credits available.
  • If we have to cancel a class due to illness, snow storms etc, we will send you an e-mail (ideally 24 hours prior-to) and make alternate arragments so you don't loose a class


What to bring? A PRE-FILLED waterbottle and indoor sneakers

What to wear? Comfortable clothing (We suggest a hoodie, t-shirt and sweat pants) and sturdy INDOOR sneakers. No outdoor boots allowed in the studio


Only 15 spots available - intimate class



Beg/Intermediate Hip Hop Choreography (May 6 Weeks)

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