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  • Moov Ottawa Dance and its associating companies and venues believe safety, injury prevention and health is a priority for all our events, classes and workshops. We implement strategies and direction to avoid "getting hurt" in our environments. Street Dance is high level, high energy and requires a lot attention to your body, and so we provide the tools to move through our spaces with grace. Ex: We wipe down our floors to ensure there is not spilled water or sharp items such as broken glass. We direct movements at a slow pace and gradually increase speed to match the music. We adjust your body by pointing our wrong movements while in class. We enforce our Code of Conduct.


  • If you do become injured, Moov Ottawa Dance is not held responsible for any injuries that may occur. Those of age are responsible for their well being in class. But, Moov will do their due diligence and will call 911 in cases of Emergencies and address the situation as best as possible. Alea, Artistic Director and teacher, is CPR certified. Alea and Arnaldo both have their Vulnerable Sector's Police Check.

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