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Join "Ladies First", a 6 week dance program designed spesifically for women, by women. This is for the girlies, sisters, moms and aunties! Join Valentina for this unique 6-week dance program where you'll learn new fun and empowering choreography each week amongst other women. Anything from Beyonce, to H.E.R. to Donna Summers! Join an amazing environment that is focused on making women feel empowered, supported, sexy, and fly!

What you'll learn? How to pick up Hip Hop choreography at a beginner level - but don't get it twisted! Valentina will still challenge you to retain specific choreography and you asked to dance it by the end of class with the group all within an hour! This class is great for someone who has *some* Hip Hop or dance experience. You will not be taught any foundation movements or have them broken down. This is a choreography class.


Beginner Hip Hop Choreography with Valentina

  • Dates: Wednesdays May 22nd to June 26th, 2024
  • Class Type: 6 Week "progressive" (Adults 18+)
  • Level: Beginner Level (0.5 to 1 year of experience recommended)
  • Time: 8-9PM (1 hour)
  • Location: The Routhier Community Centre (172 Guigues Avenue - Downtown Ottawa) on the 2nd floor  in the "Robert Room"
  • Instructor: Valentina


$157.5 CAD + hst for 6 weeks

Important info:

  • No refunds after purchase
  • Covid 19, Refund, Code of Conduct and Injury policy in full effect
  • No drop-ins
  • If you miss a day, we do offer 1 "make-up day" where you can attend 1 "replacement class" within your 6 weeks. No credits available.
  • If we have to cancel a class due to illness, snow storms etc, we will send you an e-mail (ideally 24 hours prior-to) and make alternate arragments so you don't loose a class


What to bring? A waterbottle (Water fountain availble) and indoor sneakers

What to wear? Anything that makes you feel amazing - crop top, leggings, sweat pants etc! But if you won't know where to start, wear comfortable clothing (We suggest a hoodie, t-shirt and sweat pants) and sturdy INDOOR sneakers. IF you choose to wear heels, please ensure you know how to dance in them as we will not be teaching "how to dance in heels" - we will not be responsible for any injuries that come from wearing heels. No outdoor boots allowed in the studio


Only 25 spots for Women available



Ladies First! Women's Only Beginner Choreography Program (May 6 Weeks)

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