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Ottawa's only 4-week Waacking program

ABOUT Join Artistic Director Alea for her 4-week Waacking dance program for May 2023. Alea has been a pillar in the Canadian and Ottawa Waacking community  for over 10+ years and an advocate for the culture itself. These are Ottawa's only Waacking classes and Alea guarantees a liberating, fun, sweaty & queer welcoming space. This will be her only Waacking classes for the year. She welcomes students with none to minimal experience, all the way to the seasoned dancer!

Please note that if you register for North Moovment, you get the 4-week Waacking Intro Level classes as a bonus/free.

What is Waacking?

Waacking/Whacking/Punking/Posing comes from the Gay clubs of Los Angeles, which brings you the confidence, fierce and dramatic movements inspired by black & white films, super hero comics & the martial arts. Pioneered by primarily Black and Latino men,  this dance, before it was a dance, was a means of self expression and to be 100% themselves in the clubs. Aesthetically, you can expect fast arm movements, rolling of the wrists, and lots of posting like the Hollywood stars of the 1940's!

What you'll learn IN 4 WEEKS:

  • Foundations, basics and fundamentals

  • The history of Waacking

  • Importance of Whacking & Punking

  • How to freestyle and basic musicality

  • Arm exercises, drilling & more

Intro Level: 0 to very minimal experience
Adv Beg: 1-2+ years experience

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